Hammer on the Skins App

Game Tutorial

Great game for two players or teams! Hammer doubles the bet, back and forth until the holes over. Watch the full video to learn more!

The Back 9 Press - Vol. 3

Back 9 Press

Our 3rd weekly edition of The Back 9 Press is now out.

How to Play Vegas

Game Tutorial

Vegas is a team golf game for foursomes made easy on the Skins App! Watch the video to learn how to set up the game in the app and go enjoy your round!

Why are Golf and Gambling so Intertwined?


While our namesake game "SKINS" probably originated from early Scottish golfers trading pelts in their friendly wagers, there is maybe something more to the phenomenon of gambling on golf.

The Back 9 Press - Vol. 2

Back 9 Press

It's that time of the week again, Volume 2 of The Back 9 Press is out.

New Games: Strokeplay, Matchplay and Solo Round

Feature Release

This week the Skins Team decided to get back to basics and launch 3 new familiar games: Strokeplay, Matchplay and Solo Rounds (so your GHIN is automatically updated).

How To Play Skins

Game Tutorial

Watch the tutorial video for our namesake game, Skins, the OG golf betting game which The Skins App is named after...

How To Play Bersano

Game Tutorial

Par 3s and 5s carry their par value, while Par 4s are just 1 point. Pushes carry, birdies double the pot and eagles triple it. Get out there and enjoy this fun game today!

Tropic of Skins


Maybe She's Born with it, Maybe it's Skins -Skins AI

James and The Giant _______


Everyone loves a comeback story. It is a Hero's Journey. On the course and in life.

The Back 9 Press - Vol. 1

Back 9 Press

Whatsup Skins compadres, the first volume of the Back 9 Press is out...

Skins App Video Tour (short)

App Tutorial

This week Mike Oristian introduces the most complete library of golf games the world has ever seen.

Skins Podcast: Tuesday Tee Time


First Livestream since the app launch of The Skins App. Watch Mike and Ryan get it in!

Banker Video Tutorial

Game Tutorial

Banker is a great game to be able to play with foursomes. At high level Banker is a game where for each hole a "banker" is assigned. That individual has individual bets against each other player in the group. All players set their wagers with the banker...

Skins AI: Get some Skin in the Game


Ladies makin bank playin Banker on the Skins App. Brush your shoulders off! - Skins AI