New App Tour Video!

App Tutorial

Skins App is the EASIEST way to play feature-complete golf games in existence. Check out our latest App Tour Video!

Sedona - Hammer Time


The Skins Team took to the Red Rocks for some mano a mano glory using the App.

Book Preview - Gambler: Secrets From A Life At Risk

Back 9 Press

We've just started reading Billy Walters' autobiography to hear the stories from a man who lived it all.

The Back 9 Press - Vol. 5

Back 9 Press

Volume 5 of The Back 9 Press is here.

New Age Golf Trophy


Today's Trophy on the Golf Course is your Skins App Winnings Balance!

Solo Round on the Skins App

Game Tutorial

Solo Round on less scorecard to lose and auto updates for your handicap coming soon!

How to Play Match Play

Game Tutorial

With the Ryder Cup coming up in Rome, it's the perfect time to be reminded why the Pros play Match Play

Less Math More Drinks


The Pain of Calculating Bets without the Skins App

How to Play Ninepoint

Game Tutorial

A classic game for when your 4th is a no show, watch and learn how to play Ninepoint today.

How to Play Strokeplay

Game Tutorial

With all the fancy games based on matchplay, it can be easy to forget Strokeplay. Check out our rendition and we promise you won't be disappointed.

How to Play Quota

Game Tutorial

Whether you call it Chicago or Quota, give this granny game a try if you feel like beating your handicap.

Skins AI: That Feeling When Skins Handles the Math


Whether he won or lost doesn't matter, when you know it's truly settled once the round is over.

The Back 9 Press - Vol. 4

Back 9 Press

Volume 4 of The Back 9 Press has arrived.

How to Play Banker

Game Tutorial

Watch and Learn, you won't find a better rendition of the golf game Banker anywhere else.

How to Play Wolf

Game Tutorial

Wolf on the Skins App…You Keep What you Kill! Watch this killer tutorial and learn the basics of the golf game Wolf, if you're not yet familiar.