How to Play

A new game on every hole, each player has their own bet against the Banker, with an opportunity to press their bet after their drive. Par 3s require this press to be called out while the ball is in the air. Banker tees off last and a Banker press will double all standing bets. There are additional multipliers for birdies and better. Each player can set any wager they would like with the Banker. The default wager is $10 bucks. The host is selected as the first Banker; lowest score becomes Banker on the next hole.

How to Play Banker

Game Tutorial

Watch and Learn, you won't find a better rendition of the golf game Banker anywhere else.

Banker Video Tutorial

Game Tutorial

Banker is a great game to be able to play with foursomes. At high level Banker is a game where for each hole a "banker" is assigned. That individual has individual bets against each other player in the group. All players set their wagers with the banker...