Why are Golf and Gambling so Intertwined?


While our namesake game "SKINS" probably originated from early Scottish golfers trading pelts in their friendly wagers, there is maybe something more to the phenomenon of gambling on golf. For one, the natural pauses in golf between our shots give us a peaceful interlude in our athletics. You can either enjoy this rarefied moment to take in your pastoral surroundings and reflect on life's big questions, or you can shit-talk your buddies and challenge them to compete with you in earnest on their next shot. There are no other sports with this "pause" opportunity. Second, the beginning and intermediate golfer feels firsthand the mental requirements for a good round. A focus on the present, neither anxious about the future nor regretful of a past failure. Our worst enemy is ourselves and the mind tends to cast its voodoo on any otherwise smooth mechanics of the golf swing. So as one trains their mind to subjugate this self-doubt and starts consistently posting lower scores, there is almost a wistful nostalgia for the mental pangs which afflicted our meltdown rounds. Enter gambling. Whether it is the need to create a truly challenging crucible to forge our most steely focus, or a deep alpha-male gravitation towards clobbering an adversary, wagering on the golf course is a natural result of the skill and mentality it takes to prevail, even among friends. We are honored to carry the tradition forward in ways that keep up pace-of-play, enhancing competition between worthy contenders, and growing the games of golf to a wider audience. Your Sunday Stableford or Friday Foursome Wolf showdown is safe with us. We have the calculations you trust and the ease of settle-up that allows us be your partner on the links forevermore. The Skins App is honored to be a part of your game. Have a great round and don't forget to follow us @theskinsapp anywhere the media is social.