New Games: Strokeplay, Matchplay and Solo Round

Feature Release

What's going on Skins Family, we decided to get back to basics and launch 3 new familiar games: - Strokeplay - Matchplay - Solo Round Solo Rounds will automatically update your GHIN. In the coming days, you will be able to connect to the USGA. Stay Tuned! Matchplay needs little explanation, but we suggest you checkout Strokeplay, as we provide some nifty settings: - Buy-ins where the Low Man wins the pot (optionally split with 2nd place) - Payouts based on the difference in strokes multiplied by a dollar value per stroke While Matchplay is strictly a head-2-head game, Strokeplay can be played head-2-head OR with as many players/teams as you like. This is nice because it's kind of like Skins where you pay every other player the difference in skins, but in this case, the difference in strokes. Be sure to check it out!