How to Play Wolf

Game Tutorial

Wolf on the Skins App…You Keep What you Kill! Golf is more than just a sport; it's a strategic blend of skill, precision, and camaraderie with the occasional debauchery. To add an extra layer of excitement and competition to your round, look no further than the game Wolf. Whether you're a seasoned golfer or just picking up the game, Wolf offers an enjoyable twist that will keep you engaged from tee to green. ## The Basics Wolf is a betting game played among a group of golfers, typically ranging from three to four players. The game's objective is simple: earn points by winning the hole. The key element that sets Wolf apart is the rotational role of the "Wolf," who has the unique power to choose a teammate to share the points or go Lone Wolf and keep what he kills. ## Choosing the Wolf: The players take turns being the Wolf, rotating on each hole. The rotation is predetermined in Skins so you don’t have to think about the order. ## Hole-by-Hole Betting: Before teeing off on a hole, the Wolf assesses their fellow golfers' tee shots and decides whether to go solo against the rest of the group or form a team with another player. ## Team Formation: If the Wolf decides to partner with another player, that player becomes the Wolf's teammate for that hole. If the Wolf goes solo, the other players form a team against the Wolf. ## Betting System: A betting system is established before the game begins and is completely handled by Skins. The only difference is payout method, where you can chose to have a dollar amount per point won or a buy in that sets the total any player can lose. ## Winning Points: Points are awarded based on the outcome of each hole. If the team that includes the Wolf wins, the Wolf and their teammate win 2 points each. If the Wolf goes Lone and wins, they receive 4 points or if they select Lone Wolf wins 2 points, then they win 2 points per player. ## Losing Points: If the Wolf forms a team and loses, the Wolf and their teammate(s) 2 points. If the Wolf goes solo and loses, the competing players each get 1 point. ## Rotating Wolf Roles: The role of the Wolf rotates from player to player on each hole. This rotation keeps the game dynamic and ensures everyone gets a chance to embrace their inner Wolf. ## Scoring: At the end of the game, the points are tallied, and the player with the most points emerges as the victor. The thrill of strategy and decision-making, combined with the golfing skills, creates an engaging and entertaining experience for all players. Wolf Golf injects a dose of strategy and excitement into your golf rounds, making each hole more than just a test of your golfing prowess. The ever-shifting dynamics, the strategic alliances, and the thrill of taking calculated risks add a whole new dimension to the game. As you tee off and navigate the fairways, remember that in Wolf, the true victory lies not only in burying putts but also in outwitting your opponents and emerging as the Alpha. So, gather your friends, jump on the Skins App, and let the games begin!